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So my weekend went fairly well at the artist alley. I made some pretty good profit. I did pretty darn good with selling and all that jazz. But I learned a lot. So below is something I wish I would have seen before I started.

One do not get a table unless you are confident with your work. So many people came by asking about my work. I didn't speak like I was the best, I was very humble. Which is a kind of good word for it? I didn't brag but I definitly was proud of. I defintily knew to say " Feel free to look at my work!" You have to sound proud of it, and that you actually like it. Think up things to say about your work. Be ready to be asked questions about, what program you use. Tell them! Let them know you love it!Let them hear the other programs you know? Give them tips and help and try to be inspiring. Don't hold back on info, there are lots of artist that want to get a table but are nervous or afraid. Be ready to be shown art and comment, critique tell them what they need to hear. But be kind and remember they might be a future customer.

Now when you have your confidence boosted and are ready to showcase your art. Do not wait. Get right on it and look for a table to snatch up. Be ready to look at the layout of the convention and actually think where these teens will be passing...(for the most part teens lol.)Make sure to get a good table. I was next to two amazing funny guys! They made the time far more memorable and fun. I didn't plan it but it was good luck. I was also next to an amazing artist...which had its ups and downs.

Now when you have that all settled start right away on researching the audience. Think about "who will buy my art." What will sell, why is my art going to be noticed above others? What do you/I like? Ask that. Ok? We all have a partner in crime. girl version of sherlock holmes literally. She notices every little detail good and bad about a piece of my work. Which is can be harsh sometimes. But I need that! You do too as an artist. Its the building blocks of art. the good and the bad comments you need. If they are all ooohhh that is awesome...whats the point of drawing!?

Start building your portfolio as soon as you can. From here on out I am putting money aside for prints/table/hotel. Its basically my new thing. I know I have to have a good amount of prints and waiting to the last minute is just stupidity. It was my own fault and it was the biggest and most stressful impact on the whole convention experience. Save up so you can afford the "little things"

Little things?! You might be freaking out now. might seem l forgot about gas,food and entertainment for later on in the evening and also...while you are at the table. It really helps to have a book,paper,pens,markers and or laptop. NOW if you have a partner in crime going with you make sure to bring a gameboy or something for poor bestie was bored to tears making a checkerboard pattern on a full page of paper.

But the main thing is, to have fun. Make sure you have fun and are proud of your work.Good luck message me with any questions ok?

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